About Me

Assalaam alaykum,

My reason for starting this site was that I was looking for guidance for myself in our wonderful Sunnah to help me to be a better man. I found such an abundance of information that I thought maybe I should share this with my brothers around the world. I thought maybe there are more Muslim men like me out there struggling with adult life and looking for a point in the right direction.

My posts are aimed at Muslim men, but often apply to both men and women. I try to keep my articles practical and relevant to modern life, because I think there is often a disconnect between the texts and applying the texts. For example, you’ll often hear someone talking about the importance of praying 5 times a day without giving practical advice on how to make that a practice. For some the reminder is enough, but for others it isn’t.

I embraced Islam about 13 years ago and studied Islamic law and jurisprudence at the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia. I then continued my studies in Islamic Finance at the International Islamic University of Malaysia. I currently work for an Islamic finance consultancy firm providing advisory and training services to banks, corporations, and individuals interested in financial products or services that comply with the tenets of the Shariah.

I thank Allah for the opportunities He has blessed me with and I ask Him to make me a better Muslim man and to help other Muslim men through this website. Ameen.

Ihsan Gonsalves.